What is Audi Pre sense Feature?

  While automobile manufacturers produce their current models, they also integrate some security systems into their vehicles. They explain them with different names and in their own unique terms. German automobile giant Audi also presents the technological safety features of its current models under the title of Audi Pre sense. Let's get to know this system closely. Audi Pre sense is a feature offered at different levels and the first step is Audi pre sense basic. Since it is the first level, Audi makes basic interventions in terms of safety. In line with the information coming from the ESP sensors, the hazard warning lights are turned on automatically and the windows are closed according to the situation of danger. Active seat belts are activated and if the vehicle has air suspension, the position is determined according to the possible situation. In the advanced stages of the system, there are pre sense front, pre sense rear and pre sense plus options. With Audi pre se